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Jonathan Bailin, Ph.D., USPTA is the TennisDr

Jonathan coached 9 years for the University of Southern California NCAA Division I Women’s Tennis Team and has been a USPTA Certified Elite Professional Tennis coach for over 35 years. In his one year of volunteer coaching each, for the Hamilton High School Girls Tennis Team and El Camino College Men’s Tennis Team, he helped them win “first ever” championships. 

As an expert and noted author in the areas of injury prevention, sports psychology, biomechanics, ergonomics, and exercise physiology, and nutrition, the TennisDr will link you to cutting edge input from these sciences to your tennis game.

Beginners to Professionals

With the TennisDr you get a tennis coach that can increase your abilities at any level. You will receive the best tennis training available from a professional who understands where sport meets science.

Why TennisDr?

The ‘Academy Style‘ is the most successful way to coach all levels of tennis players because after the main strokes are created, players are matched by level of proficiency, individual tennis skills, and sequences of skills are isolated for repetition and improvement. Then all the tennis skill sets are tested under competitive conditions to assess execution and decision making under pressure.

  • Skilled

    The TennisDr has the skills and experience to identify your individual needs. He will prioritize the most important thoughts and movement patters to learn a skill. That is the key to the fastest improvement in motor skills. Polished practice routines and using the appropriate repetitions puts you on the right track.

  • Science Backed

    Dr. Bailin’s sport science research and academic background plays an integral role in developing new ways to promote every student’s next level of skill. Put that together with 9 years of experience coaching with dynasty making college coaches and you have an unbeatable level of expertise.

  • We Care

    The TennisDr sends important sports science discoveries directly to his students and provides off court feedback via email. Jonathan often goes to his student’s tournaments and league matches. He spends hours arranging for new players to share instruction, writing/distributing recent publications, and sending tournament preparation tips.

What others say about TennisDr

I would highly recommend Jonathan to anyone that is looking to learn how to play tennis or is looking to refine their skill set.  He has a complete understanding of the techniques and strategies you need to learn to become successful.  And his group classes are a great way to meet friends that you can play with to get better.

My fiancé and I have been going to Jonathan for weekly lessons for about 10 months now – and we are so happy with him we couldn’t recommend him more! We started as total beginners and have built a strong foundation for our tennis game. At first, the two of us had private lessons until we were good enough to join a group class. Lessons with Jonathan are fun, instructive, challenging, and overall a great experience and highlight of our week. We couldn’t be happier with the people he’s paired us up with and feel he exercises excellent judgement when pairing players. He has such a great attitude as a coach and really helps move our tennis game along. We get better and better each week and plan on sticking with Jonathan for the rest of our tennis career!

Jonathan is and excellent doubles coach to refine your physical skills and mental awareness and attitude. He has been invaluable in helping me learn how to stay positive on the court and gain confidence in my overall approach to the game. I always look forward to a session under his guidance. Thanks!

Jonathan is a fabulous tennis instructor; his mixed doubles classes are excellent for drills and for understanding technique and strategy…his teaching is invaluable. Lawrence “Hail Larry” Mortorff.

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