The most physically dangerous variation, may be the best bet. Still, the TennisDr says, “Don’t try this at home!”


Can you name this player?


Judy Z. practices here “Evil eye to the Y” in Marina Del Rey.

DSC00695Schwartz SchwartzCenter SchwartzLeft
Red clay in LA?  Yes, it does exist!  This is one of the most beautiful courts in Los Angeles.

This red clay was imported from the makers of the clay at the Italian Open.  As easy on the knees as it is on the eyes, right?

May your new year be filled with put aways!  One of my students, a former gymnast, approaches tennis with unique skills.  All I ask is no more diving and shoulder rolls to cut off a passing shot!  Needless to say, a standing back flip takes great training and coordination, so don’t try this at home!