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The TennisDr’s Desk

What makes this tennis blog different? As an Exercise Physiologist, Biomechanist, and Ergonomics Consultant, my students have learned to ask questions about human performance that most tennis coaches might not get, such as: Biomechanically, what made Federer such a good model for tennis movement? I have trouble getting enough partners to practice when I need […]

Becoming An Elite Tennis Athlete

Dear TennisDr: My 11 year old daughter has been playing for 6 years and is highly dedicated and now playing competitive tennis. We are disappointed that you have retired and are not available for personal coaching. ;-( What advice would you give us on helping her become a great player, the best athlete she can […]

The Serena Legacy

Growing up with the dream of being a tennis champion is difficult.  Having to beat your hero at the majors, is a major obstacle!  For Naomi Osaka, it took several tries to produce her best tennis on that small stage against Serena Williams.  But she did it.

Breaker! Breaker!

Hey TennisDr: I was so sorry to hear about your retirement! I miss our classes that included “Bailin’s Breakers”. That format in which we get to play your invention of 13 point tiebreakers against everyone in class. Your students miss you! Best Wishes, Kerrie ——- Hey Kerrie: I know you always liked “Bailin’s Breakers” because […]

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Elite Athlete Fitness: Serena vs Pliskova at the 2019 Aussie Open

There is no doubt in my mind that Serena Williams is the GOAT of women’s tennis. Statistically and bio-mechanically over her career, she is likely the best server in either gender. As a long time fan of hers, that’s why this match was so difficult to watch. Pro athletes know that if you are not […]


Danny’s Brain

Dear TennisDr: Thanks for all the private lesson time over the last couple months for my 10 year old Danny.  He is really enjoying it.  We will be traveling to my homeland South Africa over the holidays and I am considering a hiatus until next year.  What do you think? Maggie J. ——– Hey Maggie: […]