Breaker! Breaker!

Hey TennisDr:

I was so sorry to hear about your retirement! I miss our classes that included “Bailin’s Breakers”. That format in which we get to play your invention of 13 point tiebreakers against everyone in class. Your students miss you!

Best Wishes,



Hey Kerrie:

I know you always liked “Bailin’s Breakers” because it gave you a chance to practice tiebreakers and to do so against all your classmates.  I would like to take credit for practicing a lot of tiebreakers but it is a college tradition. On the other hand, the name and format are all mine. Be ready to play tiebreakers like college players!  

In my classes, all students must stop to watch the “Super Tiebreaker” with one point winner take all at 6-6. When college audiences see a tiebreaker, they tend to move toward that court. Getting comfortable being “on stage”, or face the ultimate pressure situation, is also a great life lesson from tennis so I use it as often as possible.

Tiebreakers also help college coaches make decisions about the team lineup.  Plus, college tennis players tend to play more tie breakers and they can make all the difference for the team score.  

My advice for you is to warm up your new two hander, but don’t be afraid to abandon it during the match because your one handed underspin is formidable, accurate, and messes with those who don’t see underspin much.  Jumping from a flatter serve to your spin serve is another of your very formidable weapons.  

For a woman to beat you, they will have to deal with all of those weapons, not to mention your forehand which produces points and opponent errors too.  Testing yourself in singles tennis competition such as USTA Adult Leagues is one of the most fun things you can do in your life. Practice shutting out all other thoughts, like when you are in great “mental flow”. It is a key to your particular mind, and those who find their thoughts wandering off the court.