About the TennisDr

Multiple Specialties” refers to a multi-dimensional resume of sports medicine and coaching experience that Dr. Bailin brings to every task, published article, and national convention appearance. Injury prevention, sports psychology, biomechanics, exercise physiology, adaptive physical education, seminar production, ergonomics consulting, sports marketing, motor learning, and 9 years of NCAA Division I coaching at the University of Southern California are just some of those resume features.

Overlooking the largest small boat harbor in the world in Marina Del Rey, you will find the best quality surface, finest equipment, closest parking, convenient restroom, and best amenities to improve your skills on the west side.

On court, Dr. Bailin is as equally skilled at showing children a fun introduction to physical skills with tennis as he is at ironing out the smallest biomechanical or strategic flaws in a tournament player’s arsenal.  Either way, this “coaches coach” brings an impressive background of service to other teaching professionals, tennis charities, and sports enthusiasts alike.

Team members of Sports Medicine & Ergonomics Associates perform research and consult for local firms in the fields of injury prevention, visual therapy, sports marketing, and ergonomics.  Jonathan was THE pioneer in providing free internet access to experts in career threatening Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI’s), like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, hosted by the USC College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences from 1995-2000.

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