Hey Tennis Fans:

If you enjoy watching tennis, do not miss a local rivalry at your nearby tennis stadium.  Whether its USC/UCLA, Stanford/Cal, Alabama/Auburn, Ohio State/Michigan, Minnesota/Wisconsin, and even Harvard/Yale, check out their clash on the courts.  In short, wherever you find a college football rivalry, you’ll find an astoundingly fun tennis rivalry!

One thing is for sure, if you’ve never seen a college tennis match, you’ve never seen anything like this in the tennis industry. The college tennis format is first to 4 points.  The first three matches are doubles matches competing for the critical first point of the day.  Then you get to watch 6 singles matches at one time settle the event.  Often, the stadium allows you to watch all six at the same time and enjoy the unique camaraderie as momentum moves back and forth between the players and partisan crowd.  Don’t be surprised if the marching band shows up!