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Standing Backflip for TennisDr

May your new year be filled with put aways!  One of my students, a former gymnast, approaches tennis with unique skills.  All I ask is no more diving and shoulder rolls to cut off a passing shot!  Needless to say, a standing back flip takes great training and coordination, so don’t try this at home!

The Partner During a Crosscourt Rally

I was asked for the best advice for the partner during a crosscourt rally so here is the pro, best in the world, poop on that role: This subject came up during our Mixed Doubles class last night.   Now that she is fearless with her new Oakley polycarbonate eyewear, and doesn’t mind a bruise […]

Tennis Stains? Spray Them With Fed

9/11/15 After watching all the US Open semi-finals singles matches today, I was asked by a student, “Why and when did our sport get so ugly?” My first response was that ratings and money have compressed sports behavior into MTV sound bites that are often undignified. Then I started to think more about the question […]

RB’s & ASCT’s

Hey TennisDr: What is the latest advice from the on air pundits and professional coaches that I can put into my game? Regards Tiger Topspin Hey Tiger: Great question!  When I watch recreational players, I see some of the same issues that touring pros face.  Too many singles shots in the net, usually when they […]

Doubles Ups & Downs

Professional doubles is rarely broadcast.  That is a shame because doubles is the most popular form of tennis.  Go to a college tennis match and see how different it is as a team sport. First, it is rare when both partners are on and making aggressive shots successfully and taking risk at the same time.  […]

On Changing Your Serve

This is a note I sent to a 3.5 league player who came to me for a 4.0 level serve.  His serve was predominantly flat and deserted him when the stress was on.  What he needed, but did not know it, was a serve with spin, arc, and shape that could stand up to stressful […]

Problem Solving Levels the Playing Field

Dear TennisDr: Just wanted to let you know that I played an epic USTA singles match on Sunday against a very young and formidable opponent.  After 2 hours and 20 minutes, I prevailed in 3 sets (7-5; 4-6; 6-4).  I think that we went to deuce on almost every game and the points were long […]

Tips for Healthy Eating at a Chain Restaurant

Americans are relying on chain restaurants during these tough economic times more than ever before. One reason is how competitive the pricing has become. These days for $10, you can get a large meal and avoid fast food at the same time, but can more food for less money still be healthy? Are there ways […]

Sport Psychology: The Schedule for Emotions

Whether you play tennis, table tennis, racquetball, badminton, or squash, individual sports have similar emotional challenges. In coaching, once in a while you meet a student whose dedication becomes too intense. This is a letter to just such a student. Let’s call her Engrid. Dear Engrid: I want to thank you for the intense effort […]