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Sharapova’s Wimbledon Results

It’s good to see Sharapova’s return to a more complete, larger, fluid movement. Because of its “flatness”, timing will continue to be an issue but at least it is easier on the shoulder joint. I believe two factors play a role in her ultimate success and did so at Wimbledon: 1) Her game is one […]

2 Against 1 Drills: The Davis/Fed Cup Tradition

A student called me, who’s fourth couldn’t make it, desperate to find a player to fill in. My response was that 3 people could be even better than 4, if you pay attention to tennis tradition. Here are 3 drills for 3 people. They actually provide more focused practice than 4 people on the court! […]

Poaching & Serve/Volley Biomechanics

I feel that intermediate players should serve/volley and poach more often in doubles to help translate that into a team option, as well as, their singles game. Tactically, I feel you should serve and volley more often as it adds perhaps 15% more power when you move forward through a serve. I would encourage you […]

Non-Dominant Arm Mechanics in the Serve

Q: What are some of the important considerations for the non- dominant arm during tennis? A: This is a topic that comes up frequently during biomechanics discussions in all sports. In tennis, the role of the non-dominant arm/hand is more important than one might think. Here’s one great example illustrated in an email I just […]