On Changing Your Serve

This is a note I sent to a 3.5 league player who came to me for a 4.0 level serve.  His serve was predominantly flat and deserted him when the stress was on.  What he needed, but did not know it, was a serve with spin, arc, and shape that could stand up to stressful situations and be more precise.

He SAID he wanted to change it, but did not know what the task entailed.  Here is that note:

Dear Jim:

People come to me who want to change.  When it comes to tennis movements,
 you need to understand that when your body tries to move differently, attention to 
making the ball strike the center of the racket is TEMPORARILY distracted.

It is INEVITABLE that anyone will mishit and frame shots during this process.
  If you are standing near the net, the racket velocity is lower and the shock 
to the arm is much reduced during this stage of learning.  

I realize you were not comfortable with that part of my training, but it was very necessary.

The body can basically learn one thing at a time before it can incorporate 
multiple skills.   You are no different than anyone else learning skills EXCEPT
 you are more reluctant to trust me during this stage of development on your serve.

The serve is very likely the most complicated performance in ALL sports.  That is the reason 
why it is so difficult to improve it without help.  IFFFF you want that, you are in the right place, but you have a choice.

We can spend your LivingSocial purchase fine tuning other shots and avoid changing
 your serve OR we can do both if you trust the process I’ve developed over 30 years that is 
backed by a Ph.D. in Biomechanics/Exercise Physiology and has been used with players of 
ALL levels from beginner to elite University team members.

You are the customer.  It is your choice.


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